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Systems, Services & Strategies

Concept Journey + Road Map for Lifelong Learning

An international professional accreditation association was seeking to develop service offerings to support its members along their entire lifelong career journey. This work included primary ethnographic and secondary research, synthesis of research into personas, and a series of co-creation workshop engagements with stakeholders and experts. The work resulted in a concept book that included eight service offerings across five career stages and an innovation roadmap for implementation.

This work was completed as part of a client project while working as a consultant for Conic Group. All outputs are owned by Conic and are not to be copied without permission. 

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Project, Milk

Curriculum and Engagement Strategy

In partnership with CenterLink, Hopelab launched Project, Milk in January 2020, a digital tool to support LGBTQ+ youth in navigating the day-to-day experience of growing up queer. Hopelab invited Desklight to create a curriculum strategy focused on non-crisis-oriented mental health and well-being. Our team developed criteria for ideal curricular flow through taxonomy structures, content dosage, pacing, navigation, and engagement patterns. My work included analyzing existing research, prototypes, and early user testing results to identify baseline design criteria. Our team then brainstormed a series of content structures, high-level pedagogical approaches, curriculum architectures, and strategies for increased interactivity and connectivity. We were able to analyze options and refine them based on their appropriateness against the design criteria and psychological targets.


Envisioning Sustainable Food Sourcing Solutions

This project was developed by graduate students as part of the Sustainable Solutions Workshop at the Institute of Design and a variety
of community partners involved in the Chicago food ecosystem. The work represents infrastructures to support the goals of the Good Food Purchasing Program by defining the most equitable and sustainable system for the movement of nutrients throughout Chicago. My contribution included gaining an understanding of the complex challenges that underlie the current food system through site visits, secondary research, and prototyping. Out team identified five areas in the current system where intervention is likely to have a high impact: production, distribution, procurement, consumption, and disposal.

View the full report here.


Community Spaces Systems Map

Radian's Program Manager of Community Spaces--a program aimed at developing programs, tools, and policy recommendations that mitigate involuntary displacement throughout Denver--was seeking to demonstrate the program's complex system of projects, partners, funding sources, and the resulting impact. I worked closely with the Program Manager to develop a series of diagrams that represent the three primary areas of focus: non-profit advocacy, equity planning, and commercial spaces.


Work was conducted in collaboration with Dee Dee DeVuyst, Program Manager of Equitable Development at Radian.

Mobility, Collaboration, and the Smart Campus

With the advancements of smart campuses, learning experiences are becoming hybrid, switching between digital and physical environments. This shift is helping students to customize flexible learning experiences while also changing their ways of interaction between each other and faculty. As students are adjusting their learning goals to their unique learning needs, what might the future of collaboration look like for them? How might smart campuses support shifting student needs regarding mobility in and outside the physical boundaries of campuses?

View the full pitch deck here.

Work was conducted in collaboration with Cagla Kuzu,  Harsh Wardhan, Prapti Jha, Sabah Ansif, and Renjie Li.

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