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Products + Experiences

Undocuhustle Digital Learning Hub

The creation of the digital learning hub was a collaborative effort between, Immigrants Rising, and Desklight. The hub empowers undocumented individuals to bring their entrepreneurship to life by learning the necessary skills to become an independent contractor or start a business. My contributions to the project included user research, secondary research, synthesis and design recommendations, UX writing, curriculum content development, and leading the coordination of assets between the UX designer, illustrator, and videographer. The end result is a website that provides a well-rounded, self-guided curriculum covering the entrepreneur's journey through multimedia content and interactive worksheets. Additionally, the hub showcases undocumented entrepreneurs who have made their hustle into a career providing inspiration and guidance to learners.


Centering Our Values

Centering our Values is a communication design tool to aid Dementia patients and caregivers in the African American community with long-term care planning and decision making. Primary research was conducted with caregivers, medical professionals, and medical support staff to uncover insights about how personal values and community contexts shape behavior around managing daily and long-term care.

Because each person's experience with Dementia is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all path for making care decisions, Centering our Values is a workbook style document inviting people to reflect on personal/family values and apply those values when making decisions. 

This project was completed with a student team in the Communication Design Workshop at the Institute of Design in collaboration with the University of Chicago Hospital.

View the entire document here.

Lap Pad

Laptop stands, cases, and lapboards are either too clunky and mechanical to be portable or too flimsy and minimal to be functional. Through the process of prototyping, I sought to create a laptop lapboard that was both portable and functional. The Lap Pad clips seamlessly to the bottom of a laptop computer with a pull-out mouse pad.  Additionally, the bottom of the Lap Pad folds providing support for a work surface on the go.


Un-Box is an inhabitable object designed as a place of refuge for office workers. OPN Architects held a small in-house design competition to design a new break room space for the office. Rather than designing objects inside a room -- or box -- Un-Box turns the void of a box into a solid form to be used as a place of rest.

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