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Architecture + Urbanism

Riverside Recital Hall at the University of Iowa

The Riverside Recital Hall Remodel study explores the transformation of an existing music recital facility into a highly functional and desirable office environment to be utilized by the University of Iowa Foundation. Originally St. Thomas More Church, the building consists of laminated wood cross-braces, exposed wood decking, and a long-span structure. The non-orthogonal geometry and intricate details of the original structure inform and inspire the new design. Construction of this project was completed Spring of 2017. View the completed project here.


My work on this project included a feasibility study report, 3D modeling, rendering, and presentations while employed at OPN Architects.

On the Edge: Migrant Urbanism

What does it mean to be on the edge? In the context of the city, the edge is never constant, but continually variable, requiring its ability to be adaptable as outside forces regularly redefine it. Badheri, an urban village embedded within the city of Chandigarh, India, provides a provocative landscape for the examination of rapid urban migration. On the Edge: Migrant Urbanism seeks to draw attention to the symbiotic relationship between the formal and informal to explore architecture’s ability to serve as an infrastructural node in the urban system.


Full project documentation can be found on Issuu.

Normal Public Library Concept

The city of Normal, Illinois is in the process of redeveloping existing city property in its downtown to house a new public library. As technologies and community needs change, civic services must also evolve. The design for the new Normal Public Library will not only serve as a place for knowledge and learning but as a community gathering and event space.  This allows the library to serve a variety of programs and provide a vital public space for the city.


My work on this project included a programming study and report, 3D modeling, rendering, and community open house presentations while employed at OPN Architects.

Small Box

Small Box presents an analysis of the retail chain Anthropologie and uses insights gathered from research, observation, and a study of the Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping as a means to explore the future of the retail industry. Through the redesign of Anthropologie at three different scales in three different locations, Small Box seeks to provoke discourse around total environments, technology, interaction, and reinforcing relationships as emerging trends affecting shopping culture and civic space.

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